7 Favorite Spots for Vegan Baked Goods in Metro Phoenix

We're sweet on baked goods -- particularly when they're vegan. That means no bacon (duh!), but also no eggs or dairy products. Not as rare as they used to be, quality fresh-made vegan treats are still tough to come by in the Valley. So we've compiled a list of our favorite spots to score 'em. You're welcome.

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Treehouse Bakery Treehouse Bakery, owned by Corianne Sizemore and Amanda Sizemore, makes a vegan sweet tooth's dreams of cupcakes, pies, cookies, and muffins come true. Treehouse Bakery even makes something called the "uncheesecake," but who could tell the difference? The uncheesecake we tried was as creamy as one made with cheese. Each baked good is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. With options like pineapple upside-down cake and churro cupcakes, who can choose? We suggest you get one of each.

Nami: tSoft tServe and Coffee Nami, the sister of Green New American Vegetarian restaurant in Tempe and Phoenix, brings sweet treats to downtown Phoenix. Nami carries a variety of tSoynamis -- mix-ins made with vegan soft serve "ice cream." Options range from the Cookie Party, which contains cookie cereal and organic chocolate, to fruitier tSoynamis like mango, cherry, and mixed berry. Not in the mood for ice cream? The "Girl Scout Samoa" cookie might catch your eye. The coconut/chocolate cookies taste just like the real thing -- but super-sized.

Green New American Vegetarian Green New American Vegetarianfeatures savory foods but also stocks baked goods such as chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and chocolate drizzle, as well as brownies, cookies, and a peanut butter bar.

Pomegranate Café Pomegranate Café has choices that range from Almond Joy-like candy bars to simple lemon bars with powdered sugar and a lemon slice on top. The Almond Joy candy bar tasted just like the real thing, with lots of coconut and whole almonds covered in chocolate. You can wash down the coconut almond candy bar with a refreshing iced pomegranate green tea served with a strawberry in a mason jar. Don't let the line send you looking for another bakery; the wait will be worth it when you can finally dive into whatever lemon, chocolate, or coconut treat you've been craving since you kicked dairy to the curb.

GFC Bakery & Good Food Café GFC Bakery & Good Food Café is not your average bakery and cafe. With many choices of vegan, vegetarian, and regular sandwiches, salads, and soups, there also are freezers and fridges filled with breads, bagels, cupcakes, and cookies. (We're partial to the strawberry champagne cupcake.) There also are gluten-free options, vegan mixes to make your own desserts, and gluten-free and vegan pizza crusts. Just call it your one-stop shop for a meal, dessert and take-home goodies.

Gluten Free Creations Bakery The title doesn't quite say it all. Gluten Free Creations Bakery is gluten free (obviously), but many of its baked goods also are vegan. Choose from vegan apricot scones or berry bagels, with chunks of blueberries and cranberries.

Earth Bar & Spa Earth Bar & Spa is fairly new to the West Valley and is more than just a place to get vegan baked goods. This bar and spa also houses a juice bar with fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies; there's even an oxygen bar. Earth Bar's vegan baked goods contain fruits like strawberries, blueberries, citruses, and bananas. The vegan strawberry cheesecake incorporates a smooth, light strawberry filling and a graham cracker crust so rich in flavor you won't miss the real thing. Cupcake choices include chocolate banana, blueberry lime, and citrus mint-strawberry. But where does the spa part come in, you ask? While you're eating your vegan cupcake, you can enjoy a vegan facial.

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