7 Spots for Paletas in Greater Phoenix

With the onslaught of summer, paletas (Latin American ice pops) typically made from fruit, are a cool solution when it comes to taking a break from the Valley's hell-hot heat.

And if we can't get the icy, sweet treat from one of the many carts seen roaming the city's sidewalks, we like to pop into these seven spots in the Valley.

Flor de Michoacán

This charming little shop in Mesa with colorful paintings of giant fruit on the windows carries around two dozen fruit and cream varieties. Look for exotic flavors like hibiscus, tamarind, pistachio, and coconut, along with refreshing classics like strawberry cream, lemon, and pecan.

Tortas Paquime

This local chain with four locations in East Phoenix, West Phoenix, and Avondale, sports a refrigerator full of popsicles, creamsicles, even esquimales -- creamsicles with chocolate -- along with several other cool treats.

Paletería la Princesa

This little shop in the Bethany West Shopping Center in North Phoenix offers around 20 fruit and cream varieties like watermelon, strawberry, lemon, and pecan cream.

La Reina Michoacana

This bright yellow stand-alone building in East Phoenix features, along with other cool treats like raspados, a variety of paletas in fruit and cream flavors.

Realeza Michoacana

Eye candy meets coolness at this old-school paleteria in Central Phoenix. Look for familiar fruit flavors as well as exotic ones like guava, tamarind, and horchata. There's also a "cocktail" paleta (think margarita) and a mango chili pa leta with chunks of the fruit mixed into a salty, lime-infused treat.

Taqueria y Neveria Anais

This paleteria in El Mirage features all of the usual fruity and creamy suspects like watermelon, strawberry, and grape.

Paletas Betty

Simply the best Mexican ice pops in the Valley (and also worthy of an entry in Wikipedia), Betty Alatorre de Hong, a native of Michoacán, uses her grandmother's recipes to bring her handmade creations to two locations in the Valley. Using fresh, local ingredients, the seasonal menu may include bursting-with-flavor watermelon, tangerine, mango con chile, naranja (orange vanilla cream) and durazno (peach, ginger, and honey).

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