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7 Things to Eat and Drink in Flagstaff

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Crispy Pork Shank Brix 413 N. San Francisco St. 928-213-1021,

Housed in the brick-walled garage end of a circa 1910 carriage house, cozy Brix (a wine-making term for a scale that measures the sugar content of grapes, must, and wine) has been one of the best restaurants in Flagstaff since it opened in 2006. Together, owners Paul and Laura Moir and chef Logan Weber have created a relaxed retreat that focuses on great wine and sophisticated food made with local, sustainable ingredients. This summer, Brix is featuring a crispy pork shank sourced from American Homestead (a purveyor committed to single-farm, naturally raised pork), that's braised then lightly coated in powdered sugar and deep-fried, which makes for a crispy, caramelized exterior and succulent interior meat that practically melts in your mouth ($26). Served on a pretty bed of herb risotto with Bob McClendon's baby carrots, a dab of peach coriander jam and a garnish of crispy horseradish strips, this eloquent ode to pork could rock your pig-loving little world.

Burgers -- The Blake Burger Diablo Burger 120 N. Leroux St. 928-774-3274,

When it comes to the "eat local" mantra, owner Derrick Widmark walks the walk at his small, unpretentious burger joint, where the grass-fed, open range-raised, antibiotic- and growth hormone-free beef comes from two historic Northern Arizona ranches that established a land stewardship program called the Diablo Trust. In fact, Widmark sources every ingredient he possibly can within a 250-mile radius. But never mind all the high-minded stuff. Just know that the charbroiled burgers, served on MJ Coe's "db" branded, hand-made English muffins, are terrific ($10.25-$13.25), as are the twice-fried, Belgian-style frites that come with them. Build your own burger from a broad selection of cheeses, spreads and veggies, or just go with one of Diablo's creations, like the Southwestern-inspired Blake, topped with homemade Hatch chile mayo, roasted green chiles and sharp cheddar ($11.75). Wash it down with local beer or maybe a Mexican Coke.

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