8 Best Uses of S'mores Flavor in Metro Phoenix

The simple beauty of s'mores: Find the right stick. Poke it through a marshmallow and stick it over a campfire. Once it's the perfect gooeyness and crispiness, carefully plop it on top of a piece of Hersey's chocolate and sandwich it between graham crackers.

Now that we are too old to go on scout camping trips -- and the mess may not be considered the most glamorous of desserts -- we still crave the sticky, chocolaty and crunchy sweetness. We are in luck, as s'mores have never been more in fashion.

Here are 8 places to get s'mores-inspired desserts in the Valley, bonfire not included.

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S'more cupcakes at Treehouse Bakery These cupcakes are almost as messy as original s'mores, but it's worth grabbing a few extra napkins in order to indulge. Treehouse Bakery bakes vegan treats, but a non-vegan wouldn't notice. The s'more cupcakes are made at random, and they sell quickly. With a graham cracker base, chocolate cake, a light frosting, chocolate drizzle and a marshmallow on top, we understand why. We left with two.

S'mores sundae at Churn Churn is a great stop for an old-timey candy shop feel and great snacks. Here the s'mores sundae is made up of chocolate ice cream and grahams. But, instead of a single marshmallow, Churn uses marshmallow fluff and toasts it. If the marshmallow is your favorite part, this is the s'mores sundae for you.

Campfire S'more sundae at Sweet Republic Sweet Republic is an ice cream connoisseur's dream with homemade flavors, toppings, cakes, shakes, and sundaes. Here the classic s'more is transformed into a sundae with a homemade waffle cone, chocolate ice cream, hot fudge and a roasted marshmallow to top it off. If we could eat one every day without gaining an inch, we would.

S'mores martini at Bar Louie Forget about eating s'mores, drinking them is the way to go. Bar Louie serves a s'more martini that makes a phenomenal after-dinner drink or three. This liquid concoction of Absolut vanilla, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, toasted marshmallow, chocolate syrup, and a graham cracker rim makes us want another.

Vegan Ts'mores from Nami Nami started with the creation of their tSoynami, which is a vegan soy tSoft tServe mixed with any toppings we desire. The Ts'mores is a smooth soy-based ice cream mixed with graham crackers, chocolate and ricemellow fluff served in a tall cup. Plus, it's all organic, making this version feel healthy.

Cowboy Campfire S'mores at Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House We take back our previous statement about the no fire thing for Cartwright's take on s'mores. The waiter lights up this dessert in flames, and we got to blow it out when the marshmallow was to our liking. This is the fanciest s'more we've ever tasted -- comprising marshmallow layered with chocolate ganache and a graham cookie.

Bacon S'mores at Beckett's Table If salty and sweet is your thing, these are the s'mores for you. The dish is conventional until the chocolate-coated bacon and peanut butter is added to the mix. With a crunch and some salt, Beckett's s'mores are the most unique on our list.

S'more cookie at Cafe at the Phoenix Public Market The café sells breakfast, drinks, lunch, dinner, and desserts. On a recent visit, the s'mores cookie was staring at us and we couldn't resist. Made like a normal chocolate chip cookie, the café added marshmallow to make it a s'more cookie. We hope they continue to have them so we can stock up.

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