8 Best Uses of S'mores Flavor in Metro Phoenix

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S'more cupcakes at Treehouse Bakery These cupcakes are almost as messy as original s'mores, but it's worth grabbing a few extra napkins in order to indulge. Treehouse Bakery bakes vegan treats, but a non-vegan wouldn't notice. The s'more cupcakes are made at random, and they sell quickly. With a graham cracker base, chocolate cake, a light frosting, chocolate drizzle and a marshmallow on top, we understand why. We left with two.

S'mores sundae at Churn Churn is a great stop for an old-timey candy shop feel and great snacks. Here the s'mores sundae is made up of chocolate ice cream and grahams. But, instead of a single marshmallow, Churn uses marshmallow fluff and toasts it. If the marshmallow is your favorite part, this is the s'mores sundae for you.

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Hayden Harrison