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8 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in January

Last month eight Valley restaurants earned D's during county health inspections. Many of the violations relate to food storage and safety, making these violations a high priority for health inspectors even though they may not sound so shocking to diners. Other restaurants seem to be slacking on simple sanitation practices, which may have you re-thinking you dinner plans tonight.

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Whole Foods Market, Tempe

"Observed establishment juice fresh fruits and vegetables in juice bar area and packaging for retail sale without pasteurization and without warning statement on label."

Vaqueros Carne Asada, Phoenix

"An unlabelled chemical bottle was found hanging from the shelf on top of the three compartment sink. When the employee was asked about the content of the bottle, the employee was unsure of what the content was. Person in charge stated that it could possibly be degreaser."

Waffle House, Guadalupe (1801 W. Baseline Rd)

"Employee used gloved hands to crack raw shell eggs, handled raw sausage patties, raw bacon then changed gloves to handle bread and waffles without first wash hands."

La 15 Y Salsas Restaurant, Phoenix (1507 W Hatcher Road)

"Menudo with datemark of 1/03 was past the 7 days. Employee discarded menudo."

El Pollo Correteado, Phoenix

"Observed employee washing a knife by running it under water and storing item on the rack to be air dried and ready to use without first sanitizing the food equipment. Observed a container stored as clean on the drying rack with food debris on the bottom of the container."

Frys Food Store, Mesa (1245 W. Main Street)

"Observed bags of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and green beans in hot holding unit at 88*F-98*F. Per PIC bags were going to be reheated. Instructed PIC not to store bags in hot holding unit until food reaches the required reheating temperature."

McDonalds, Mesa (1212 W. Main Street)

"Multiple live roaches throughout kitchen, prep, and storage areas of establishment."

Rosati's Pizza, Mesa (1035 N. Ellsworth Road)

"Observed knives and plastic containers stored as clean with food debris/grease still intact at the time of the inspection. Also, observed microwave had an accumulation of debris around the perimeter inside."

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