8 Places to Get Chocolate for Valentine's Day in Metro Phoenix

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Chocolade van Brugge

For high quality European chocolate, your best option in town is Chocolade van Brugge in Scottsdale, a shop owned by a former Belgian who's since relocated to the Valley. The shop imports all their chocolate directly from Belgium, which means you can count on high quality flavor and a delicate texture that's unlike most American chocolates. On the downside, imported candy doesn't come cheap. Valentine's Day deals include a box of six chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for $40. For more information check the Chocolade van Brugge website.

Napoleon Bakery

This west side bakery comes courtesy of pastry Chef Gerald Cretton, who was born and raised in Switzerland. In addition to a variety of beautiful pastries, Cretton stocks a whole case of handmade Swiss chocolates and truffles at Napolean Bakery (formerly, La Napoleon). For more information check the Napoleon Bakery website and Facebook.


When it comes to bean to bar chocolates there aren't many players in town, but Nutwhats has been offering this specialty for years. The signature candies are called Scribbles that combine chocolate, brittle, and usually nuts, but the company also makes six single-origin dark chocolate bars ranging from 75% to 92% cacao. You can find these rare creations at Phoenix Public Market Cafe and Bodega in Scottsdale, while AJ's Fine Food stores stock the Scribbles candies. For more information check the Nutwhats website.

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