81: Salumi at Quiessence

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Number 81: Salumi at Quiessence

Quiessence chef Greg LaPrad is one heck of a busy man. 

Since there's always something new to play with in the kitchen -- seasonal vegetables at their peak, and other primo ingredients from local purveyors -- he changes up the menu every night (you can check out the latest version on the restaurant's website). Of course, the changes occur gradually, in the same way that seasons blur together, which is why eating here never gets old.

But one thing you can always expect to see in the rotation is LaPrad's outstanding salumi plate, a selection of cured and aged meats made in-house. From head cheese to mortadella to coppa, every delicate, rosy slice is a special treat, paired with top-notch cheeses, homemade pickles, and crackers. Nibbling on these tasty meats, with a glass of wine in hand and some good friends gathered around the table, is both simple and luxurious.

The Favorite Dishes, so far: 82: Okonomiyaki at Hana Japanese Eatery 83: Croissants at Essence Bakery Cafe 84: Coronado Coney at The Main Ingredient 85: Green Chili at Rito's Mexican Takeout 86: Soup Gyoza at Sens Asian Tapas & Sake Bar 87: Pop Cho and Sweet Ginger at The Breadfruit 88: La Jawab Kadahi Gosht at The Dhaba 89: Chicken & Waffles from Lo-Lo's 90: Burrata at Humble Pie 91: Bruleed Foie Gras Torchon at Posh 92: Moroccan Nomad Stew at Chakra 4 93: Peking Duck at Gourmet House of Hong Kong 94: Mozzarella Sandwich at Pane Bianco 95: Egg White Omelette at Fez 96: Machaca From Los Dos Molinos 97: Shish Taook from Baiz Market 98: Pasties From Cornish Pasty Co. 99: Clams in Black Bean Sauce From Asian Cafe Express 100: Bruschetta From Postino

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.