9 Etsy Gifts for the Sweets Lover

9 Etsy Gifts for the Sweets Lover

We could hardly call the reporting process for this post a journalistic endeavor -- etsy.com is one of our favorite shopping spots. So no need to thank us for this gathering of holiday gift ideas for the sweet-lover in your life. (Or -- who are we kidding -- yourself.)

Find out which etsy shops sell what after the jump.

1. White milk glass cake plate from TieTheKnotVintage

2. Pie pops from CakeWalkDesserts

3. Vintage Kitchenaid mixer from AppleCharlotte

4. Cupcake lover's charm necklace from Penelope'sPorch

5. Personalized baker's stamp from shinykins

6. Macaron watercolor from Lucile'sKitchen

7. Felt whoopie pies from Vivian'sKitchen

8. Festive cupcake liners from BakeMeHappy

9. Artisan candy canes from SweetSweeterSweetest

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