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9 Things To Eat and Drink in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Kartoffelmad or Hønsesalat smørrebrød Café Dyrehaven Sønder Blvd 72, 1720 Copenhagen, Denmark

If you go more than a day in Copenhagen without eating smørrebrød you're probably doing something wrong. The open-faced sandwiches are the lunch of choice in Denmark and at Café Dyrehaven the two most popular variations are kartoffelmad, or potato, and hønsesalat, or chicken salad. This is mostly locals-only neighborhood joint so while an English menu exists, you'll have to ask for it. No matter what time of day Café Dyrehaven, located in then youthful Vesterbro neighborhood, is usually busy so don't be surprised if you have to wait for a seat. It's counter-service, so you'll order your food and drink (ask for a beer suggestion) and grab a seat inside or out, preferably out if the weather allows.

Both the potato and chicken salad smørrebrød are simple, fresh and serve as great examples of this typical Danish dish. In fact they were the best smørrebrød we had during the trip. Oh, and if you want to blend in definitely use a fork and knife instead of your fingers.

Coffee or latte Coffee Collective

There are three Coffee Collective locations in Copenhagen, all of which will offer a coffee experience like you've never had before. The specialty coffee micro roastery is known as not only one of the best in the country, but in the world. As such, getting your drink will probably require a wait, but consider it a lesson in Danish living, where patience isn't just a virtue but a way of life. If you have to wait extra long, the friendly, knowledgeable barista might even give you a complimentary cup of espresso to help pass the time.

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