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9 Things To Eat and Drink in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Admiralitetsthe or Lady Grey tea Østerlandsk Thehus Nørre Voldgade 9, 1358 Copenhagen, Denmark

And if you're not into coffee, you'll probably enjoy this tea house, which you'll find just off the Norreport metro stop. On the outside it blends, for the most part, into the line of shops and restaurants at the bustling intersection. But head inside and you'll find an adorable tea and coffee shop with beautiful hardwood floors, shelves and counters stocked with an impressive array of coffees and loose-leaf teas. Bring home a very affordable bag of the Admiralitetsthe, a house mixture of Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun teas. It's been made the same way since 1887 when a Danish sailor traveled to England for the English Queen's 50th anniversary. It was there he discovered this blend of black tea and brought it back to Copenhagen to found Østerlandsk Thehus. The Lady Grey tea is a similar blend, with bergamot also added.

Hake Kødbyens Fiskebar Flæsketorvet 100, 1711 København V

Fiskebar is only of many restaurants in Copenhagen with Noma ties since the chef used to work there. But whether or not you'd care about that won't make dinner here any less of a fun experience. Ironically this fish-focused restaurant is located in the city's former meat packing district. And it's inconspicuous enough that we passed right by it on our first lap of the block. The atmosphere is casual (at least by Danish standards) with sleek, industrial décor. If you make your reservation (and you will need a reservation) for a Friday or Saturday night you'll probably be dining with a very trendy crowd, lingering after their meal over a bottle or two of wine before hitting the nearby nightlife scene.

As for the menu it's very concise with a small selection of cold and hot appetizers less than a half dozen choices for "bigger courses." There are meat options but if you've made it here you're probably going for the fish and the hake is a good choice, though the cod is a tasty option as well. The hake, a delicate white fish, comes simply prepared by being lightly fried in seaweed butter. Yeah, seaweed butter.

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