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9 Things To Eat and Drink in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Snegl Lagkagehuset Multiple locations

We were directed to Lagkagehuset ("It's the best breakfast in the city!") by one of the friendly locals who offered directional help during our trip. It's a relatively large bakery chain, but also one of the only places that opens before 10 a.m. and if you're jet lagged and looking for breakfast, that's a big deal. When you walk in the first thing you'll need to do is grab a number from one of little ticket dispensers on the counter. There not just for decoration like at the grocery stores here - in Denmark, wherever there's a line there are invariably also tickets.

If you choose the snegl out of the overwhelming array of delicious looking options, you'll get a buttery, flaky pastry rolled with cinnamon and topped with icing. There are several varieties to choose from if that doesn't sound appealing, including one without the cinnamon that features colorful round sprinkles.

Torvehallerne Market Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K

I would tell you what to try when you make it to this indoor market, but that would take away half the fun. Similar to the urban food markets La Boqueria in Barcelona and Borough Market in London, Torvehallerne Market offers more than 80 different stalls where artisans sell everything from smoked fish and meats, to cheeses, vinegar, take-away lunches and pastries. Give yourself plenty of time to peruse the selections but the best way to taste it all might be to assemble a picnic style lunch. We spent the morning gathering a nice variety of smoked meats, cheese, bread and salads (sampling everything as we went), all of which we had packed up for the road so we could enjoy it after a few hours of sight-seeing.

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