9 Trucks to Try at Street Eats Food Truck Festival at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale

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Hao Bao

As was the case in past year, Hao Bao had a pretty long line on Saturday. We weren't super thrilled by the fact that the truck didn't offer many smaller or cheaper options, but we did try the Signature Dumplings. After the wait the salty, fried dumplings were not exactly life-changing, but made a nice sharable plate with five dumplings per order.

Island Loco

The Kalua Pork Tostada served by Island Loco for just $2 was perhaps the best deal of the day. The dish was delicious, with a crisp toastada base topped with moist pork, onions, and a spicy sauce. And we didn't have to wait in line at all for the truck. Its location on the outer edge of the festival might be to blame, but just thank your lucky stars for that fact.

Mustache Pretzels

Yes, there's really a food truck that serves pretzels in the shape of mustaches. And though it seems like a complete novelty, we were happy to find the pretzels are actually pretty damn good. We thoroughly enjoyed our $2 original pretzel, served with butter and salt. We also added on a side of queso for an additional buck -- a worthwhile extra expense.

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Lauren Saria
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