90: Burrata at Humble Pie

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Number 90: Burrata at Humble Pie

I know, it's pretty cheesy to whet my appetite for pizza -- slathered in melted mozzarella, of course -- with even more cheese.

But I can't come to Humble Pie without ordering the burrata appetizer. As much as I adore the simple, rustic veggie dishes here (especially the roasted cauliflower) and am also a fan of the salads, dinner for me is not complete until I get at least a few bites of this dish.

Two years ago, when this restaurant was the new player on the scene, burrata was still a bit of a novelty in the Valley, and foodies took notice when Humble Pie had it on the debut menu. It's still there today, and I'm so glad -- the big ball of soft, ultra-fresh, fragile cheese is creamier than ordinary mozzarella, and tastes great with the accompanying pesto sauce.

To really do it up right, take one of the toasts, dunk it in the olive oil and tangy-sweet balsamic, smash one of the juicy roasted tomatoes into it, and top it with a blob of burrata. Delish.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.