99: Clams in Black Bean Sauce From Asian Cafe Express

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We're working up our appetites for our huge Best of Phoenix issue, out September 30, with daily servings of Chow Bella's 100 Favorite Dishes from across the Valley -- in no particular order.

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Number 99: Clams in Black Bean Sauce from Asian Cafe Express

The name of this restaurant might conjure up fast food fantasies, but don't be fooled -- this is top-notch Chinese cuisine served in a humble setting. Need proof that some of the city's best restaurants are tucked away in strip malls? Come here. You'll be joined by culinary adventurers and Chinese families from across the Valley.

Like every dish he touches, chef-owner Michael Leung has a way with seafood, exemplified by his mouthwatering clams in black bean sauce. Tender, fresh clams, tossed with a bit of green pepper in Leung's excellent sauce, will bring out your greedy side.

If you go with friends, it might be a good idea to order two!

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