First Taste

A First Drink at Virginia Senior's Tertio in Phoenix

We sent our own Vine Geek, Kate Crowley, over to Virginia Senior's new wine bar last night, to check out the grand opening party -- as well as the food, wine and cocktail scene. Here's what she drank thought.

Restaurant: Tertio, a wine bar inside Urban Beans Location: 3508 N 7th St. Open: About a month Drinks/Eats: Wine bar....but adds beer, apps and desserts Price: Between $15 and $25 per person

Tertio's interior is much the same as it was under the Urban Beans name, in fact the Urban Beans sign still hangs outside, since they operate during the day as a coffee house and change it up for food and wine table service. A little confusing til you get used to it. The modern mood lighting and charming patio make the space feel cozier than before but the overall decor is a bit sparse. It lacks the sophistication that most "wine bars" typically go for but it does keep it from feeling too pretentious. While the coffee bar is still the focal point of the room, there's a more formal bar area and group seating. And while the food at this bar is pretty good, the real focus for Tertio is the drink menu.

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Kate Crowley
Contact: Kate Crowley