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A Full Pan of Feta Cheese With a 2020 Date Mark and Other Highlights From the April D-List

Last month's health inspection offenders.
And yeah, handwashing is still a thing.
And yeah, handwashing is still a thing. Fran Jacquier/Unsplash
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Every week, the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department grades restaurants after completing routine health inspections. A D grade means the establishment has committed three or more "priority item" violations (which can directly contribute to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury, according to the MCESD) or four or more "priority foundation item" violations (which are indirect). At the beginning of each month, Phoenix New Times rounds up the restaurants that received a D grade the previous month and hand-pick observations from the weekly reports, listed below.

Wendy's No. 11268

15389 West Cactus Road, Surprise

"Observed food service employee wearing gloves, place raw hamburger patties on grill then remove gloves. Immediately after removing gloves, employee went to sandwich prep line and removed an in-use container and set of tongs to dishwashing area. Employee washed and rinsed the in-use tongs then took a clean container and the in-use tongs back to the sandwich prep line."

"Containers of sliced tomato, cut lettuce, sliced cheese, and fried onions on sandwich prep line did not have time stamps indicating how long items had been placed under time as control."

Le Sans Souci

7030 East Bella Vista Drive, Cave Creek

"On cook line, employee handled raw protein then continued working with cooking equipment without first removing gloves and washing hands."

"At bar, employee handling ready to eat cut fruit with bare hands."

AJ's Fine Foods No. 90

31311 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

"In deli, employee handled containers of raw meatloaf, touching open top portion of raw meat, with gloved hands, then continuing to work throughout kitchen at ovens and prep table doors, without first washing hands."

"In outdoor grill two door reach in refrigerator, open pan of raw chicken nestled in pan of open raw hamburger, and stored in same pan of ready to eat hot dogs."


2831 North Power Road, Mesa

"Observed deli slicer on food prep counter with accumulation of food debris on food contact surfaces."

"Observed in-house marinara sauce in a deep container cooling in walk-in cooler with an internal temperature of 53* from previous day. PIC discarded sauce at time of inspection."

Taco Guild

546 East Osborn Road

"Observed employee at the bar preparing two drinks. Employee used tongs to place citrus garnish on rim of cup and proceeded to touch citrus garnish with barehand."

"In refrigeration drawers below grill an open container of raw ground beef was being stored directly above a container of chocolate cake."

Outback Steakhouse No. 0326

1860 East McKellips Road, Mesa

"Observed employee in kitchen pick utensil from floor and proceed to cook food without first washing hands."

"Observed 0 PPM of chlorine sanitizer in mechanical warewashing machine that was actively being used."

Tacos Y Mariscos

3510 East McDowell Road

"Observed raw chicken thawing above an open container of raw fish in upright reach-in cooler."

"Observed cooked shrimp, sliced cabbage, lettuce and diced tomatoes held at 46*F for less than 2 hours."

Yoshis Restaurant

4050 North Central Avenue

"In the walk-in cooler, observed 2 large containers of raw beef stored directly underneath multiple large uncovered container of raw chicken."

"At the three compartment sink, observed an employee actively doing dishes. The chlorine sanitizer solution was measured at 25 PPM. Had PIC add chlorine to the solution so that it would be in the proper range: 50-100 PPM and re-sanitize the recently done dishes."

Taco Mich & Bar

1602 East McDowell Road

"A kitchen employee was cracking raw eggs and proceed to handle a ready-to-eat burrito."

"A large bin full of green salsa was found in the walk-in cooler with an internal temperature of 58*F."

Mad Greens

14418 North Scottsdale Road, #185, Scottsdale

"Observed a ladder and broom leaning against the front of the hand washing sink and a small container in the sink."

"Using chlorine test papers, chlorine concentration was measured less than 10ppm in the final rinse of the "in use" dish machine."

Coco's No. 257

2026 North Seventh Street

"Observed spray nozzle attached to hose at mop sink. Informed person in charge that spray nozzle cannot be attached to hose to avoid a pressure buildup in the line."

"Observed cooked chicken breast in small metal container in walk in cooler without proper date mark. Person in charge was unsure of when chicken was prepared and voluntarily discarded the item."

Danny's Big Rig Resort

6741 West Latham Street

"On 4/27/2021, found a full pan of feta cheese in the left reach-in in the front order area with a date mark of 12-3-2020."

"Per PIC, since running out of quaternary ammonium solution, the establishment has been using chlorine bleach to sanitize food contact surfaces."

Local Jonny’s

6033 East Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek

"On cook line, employee donned one glove, then touched ready to eat egg sandwich with other bare hand. Egg sandwich was discarded."

"At main warewashing machine, at food contact surfaces, no readable chlorine sanitizer."

"No chlorine test strips available."

Ono Hawaiian BBQ

2415 East Baseline Road, #121

"Observed employees at the cook line touching their hats, aprons, and soiled wiping clothes with gloves on and then touching food and cleaning without washing hands."

"Observed a knife in the handwashing sink next to the 3-compartment sink. PIC removed it during the inspection."

Sonic Drive In

15471 West Bell Road, Surprise

"Observed employee wash hands in small 3- compartment sink near beverage prep area. Handwashing sink near store entrance was dirty with debris in sink basin."

"Observed employee place a cherry on milkshake with bare hands. Advised employee and person in charge (PIC) that ready to eat (RTE) foods must not be handled with bare hands."

The Trough Bar & Grill

9303 East Apache Trail, Mesa

"Observed cook handling ready to toast and sandwich rolls with bare hands - cook obtained gloves upon being told."

"Five chemical containers including a spray can of "Raid" found on the clean side drain board of the bar 3-part sink and directly adjacent to a box of opened food service worker gloves - worker relocated all chemicals at time and discarded the "Raid" can."
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