A Guide to Locally Roasted Coffee Beans in Metro Phoenix

With over twenty coffee roasters in town making both boutique blends and distributing wholesale, there's undeniably a lot going on in the Phoenix coffee community. If you're feeling stuck in a rut with your java, why not try a whole new roastery to add some variety to your mornings. While this list doesn't have every spot in town you can find local coffee, especially since many wholesale roasters' beans are distributed under private labels, here are some of the many places you can go if you're interested in buying beans to make coffee at home.

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Altitude Coffee Lab Utilizing the Portuguese Joper roasting system, this North Scottsdale-based operation currently only sells its boutique roasts, along with brewed drinks, from the European-style cafe/roastery.

Bergie's Coffee Roast House The Bergeson brothers have been roasting in the Valley since 2008 in a converted home in Gilbert's Heritage District known as Bergie's. Café Cortez Coffee Company Ron Cortez lent his name and coffee expertise to his roastery, which roasts for about 100 different places in the state including French Grocery, Solo Cafe, and Sweet Republic.

Cartel Coffee Lab Seen by many as one of the Phoenix-area's best coffee roasters, Cartel supplies coffee (beans and brewed) to local restaurants and cafes. Jobot, for instance, uses a specialty blend of Cartel-roasted beans.

Coffee Reserve Primarily a wholesale coffee roaster, it can be a little trickier to get your hands on Coffee Reserve coffee, but if you dig what they brew at P.F. Chang's or Pei Wei restaurants, try stopping by the roastery to pick up a bag. Echo Coffee Echo Coffee's cult-like following knows to go to the Scottsdale cafe first and foremost for the coffee beans, but Pig & Pickle and Tom Thumb's Fresh Market also serve up brewed Echo-roasted coffee. Echo Espresso No, you aren't hearing an echo, there's both an Echo Coffee and an Echo Espresso operating out of Phoenix. The Echo Espresso roastery operates out of West Phoenix, making specialty coffee and selling teas and espresso machines since 1990.

Espressions Coffee Roastery Also a wholesaler, Espressions coffee will rarely be labeled as such, though several local coffee houses like Urban Beans sell the coffee under their own label and still more like Steve's Espresso brew Espressions coffee.

Ground Control While Fair Trade Cafe brews Ground Control coffee, you can actually go to the Goodyear cafe where coffee is roasted on site as well. Highland Coffee Roaster Although you can't go to the Highland Cafe (because it doesn't exist), buying single origin, fair trade, organic, and even flavored coffees through the Tempe-area supplier is a snap.

Lola Coffee Daniel Wayne has been roasting beans and brewing cups of coffee in the area for nearly 15 years, so it's no wonder his coffee, which is also available for wholesale, has such a devoted fan base.

Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters Roasting a line-up of beans from all over the world, such as Colombia, Rwanda, Hawaii, and Kenya, Lost Dutchman also offers home roasting equipment and green beans for you to do it yourself. Lux Coffee Another of the more popular roasters in town is Lux. Though the coffee is brewed at few places (one is Welcome Diner), your options are even more limited if you're looking to brew Lux coffee at home.

Matador Coffee Roasting Company Matador Coffee sells roasted beans that sell under a variety labels, including Cafe Esperanza, which sell's at Basha's and AJ's Fine Food Stores, though they also supply for many coffee shops and restaurants around town.

Momentto Caffe This Tempe coffee company roasts out of a warehouse and typically deals with distributors, though you can buy coffee for personal use at the roastery as well.

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters Morning Bell is one of the Valley's most recent roasting additions, though you can already get the coffee brewed at both the roastery and the cafe in front of it called ThirdSpace.

Passport Coffee & Tea The family behind Passport Coffee has been roasting coffee since 1983, while devoting time to community projects and coffee education. Their website also features a great blog resource for coffee brewers looking to stay current.

Press Coffee Roasters If you haven't yet been through a cupping at Press, where you learn to taste the difference in beans and roast styles, you have to check one out at the roastery. However, other local coffee shops, like Shine Coffee, offer Press-roasted beans.

Riviera Coffee Company Riviera Coffee Company supplies to many restaurants and cafes in the Phoenix-metro area and encourages retail coffee sellers to distribute Riviera beans under their own name. Here are just a few places that their beans are for sale: Roastery of Cave Creek One of the Valley's longest operating roasters, ROCC roaster David Anderson says he brought espresso's Third Wave to town in 1998. Since then, his roasts can be found in many local eateries that also carry China Mist teas.

Royal Coffee Bar Royal Coffee has a pretty sweet deal with Nami, exchanging baked goods for Royal for roasted beans for Nami. However, if you want to buy the beans, right now they're only available at Royal locations.

Superstition Coffee Roaster Bill Mohrweis has been in the coffee game for 30 years and is still dedicated to ensuring folks get a quality cuppa. Bringing out the beans best flavors means a fresh, careful roast at Superstition Coffee.

Village Coffee Roastery With full breakfast and lunch menus, this Scottsdale cafe and roastery offers more than just coffee. However, the coffee is touted as being able to be reproduced with 99% accuracy-- a feat most boutique roasters would be wary to claim.

Xanadu Coffee Co. From music venues to vegan restaurants, Xanadu's coffee serves several hip, alternative clients around town. Although the roastery isn't set up for retail sales, roaster Randall Denton offers a subscription service and some other spots around town carry his beans too. (Although it seems to us, some won't always readily admit that they didn't roast the beans themselves.) Editor's Note: This post has been edited from its original version. Follow Chow Bella on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

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