A Guide to Locally Roasted Coffee Beans in Metro Phoenix

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Matador Coffee Roasting Company Matador Coffee sells roasted beans that sell under a variety labels, including Cafe Esperanza, which sell's at Basha's and AJ's Fine Food Stores, though they also supply for many coffee shops and restaurants around town.

Momentto Caffe This Tempe coffee company roasts out of a warehouse and typically deals with distributors, though you can buy coffee for personal use at the roastery as well.

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters Morning Bell is one of the Valley's most recent roasting additions, though you can already get the coffee brewed at both the roastery and the cafe in front of it called ThirdSpace.

Passport Coffee & Tea The family behind Passport Coffee has been roasting coffee since 1983, while devoting time to community projects and coffee education. Their website also features a great blog resource for coffee brewers looking to stay current.

Press Coffee Roasters If you haven't yet been through a cupping at Press, where you learn to taste the difference in beans and roast styles, you have to check one out at the roastery. However, other local coffee shops, like Shine Coffee, offer Press-roasted beans.

Riviera Coffee Company Riviera Coffee Company supplies to many restaurants and cafes in the Phoenix-metro area and encourages retail coffee sellers to distribute Riviera beans under their own name. Here are just a few places that their beans are for sale: Roastery of Cave Creek One of the Valley's longest operating roasters, ROCC roaster David Anderson says he brought espresso's Third Wave to town in 1998. Since then, his roasts can be found in many local eateries that also carry China Mist teas.
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