A Month of Crazy Hot Dogs at Joe's Farm Grill

For most people I know, hot dogs are usually an occasional indulgence -- maybe a dog with the works and a huge beer at a baseball game, a Nogales dog when the mood strikes, or hot dogs on the grill on a lazy Sunday by the pool.

But Joe's Farm Grill has come up with 14 good reasons to eat hot dogs pretty much every day in September.

There's something for just about any craving -- as long as your craving includes a beef hot dog in there somewhere: Hawaiian, Swedish, Asian, British, Cobb, Trailer Park (what is *that*?!), Carolina, Spanakopita, 3B, Reuben, Sonoran, Mediterranean, Buffalo, and Cordon Bleu.

Two different specialty dogs will be available everyday, and the offerings will rotate. There will also be breakfast hot dogs served daily. Owner Joe Johnston says they'll even post a schedule at the restaurant and on the website so customers can plan their visits around which wieners they want.

Get out your calendars!



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