A Peek at the Homes of Your Favorite TV Chefs

Who doesn't love peering into the lives of our favorite (and even our not so favorite) celebrities?

Here at Chow Bella, we have food on the brain at all times and when we spotted this list of Top Ten Homes of Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs, we couldn't help but click through. We wanted to see what kind of grand abodes house these food-fueled TV personalities.

Gordon Ramsay, the well-known entrepreneur with restaurants all over the world, is probably most known for fliterless rants on his many television shows. Originally from Scotland, he currently lives in this massive $6.3 M home in South London with his wife and four children in South West London. The article states that Forbes has reported his earnings in the $7.5 M range.

Raspy-voiced television darling Rachael Ray touts herself as just a cook, but this cook makes a pretty penny with all of her products (including a pet food line), cooking and talk shows. Here's where she, her husband (and we're betting her pooches) come to chill in on 6.2 acres in Southhampton, New York with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 additional guest cottages. During the work week, they have a place in Greenwich Village and even a cabin for other vacations.

Mario Batali, chef/businessman extraordinaire, is the one who rocks a red pony, cargo shorts and neon orange Crocs. He's most recently been spotted on the daytime variety cooking show, The Chew, and apparently considering lopping off his locks for charity. While he and his family are based in Greenwich Village, NY, this home away from home. It's a "former 1940's trout-fishing camp located lakeside on the Leelanau Peninsula in Grand Traverse Bay in the wilderness of northern Michigan."

Giada DiLaurentiis was born into celebrity with her famous grandparents, movie producer Dino DiLaurentiis and Italian actress Silvana Mangano. We've seen her products at Target and her gigantic smile on The Next Food Network Star. She's a California girl at heart and she lives in a home that is "so LA." It's right near the beach and features African teak and spectacular views.

The rest of the ten can be found at Top Ten Real Estate Deals.

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