A Smoothie to Exorcise Your Demons

​Today is actress Linda Blair's birthday.  

Though she has gone on to perform in other films, Blair is best known for her role as possessed child Regan in the 1973 classic horror flick, The Exorcist.  No scene has grossed us more than that of Blair's devilish character spewing a green substance at the priest attempting to rid her of the demon within.

In honor of Blair's birthday, and because we've been feeling the need to exorcise a few evils ourselves, we're whipping up a green smoothie loosely inspired by the movie's infamous gushing green scene.

Our green concoction looks a little devilish, but the resemblance stops there.  It tastes really good and we'll gladly drink it with hopes of exorcising the evils of a junk filled diet!

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Cheri Biggs