A Sneak Peek at Jeff Kraus' New Crepe Bar

It's official -- Truckin' Good Food is now Tempe's newest eatery, Crêpe Bar!

Nearly a year after Phoenix food truck pioneer Jeff Kraus announced he was looking for a home for a brick-and-mortar restaurant, the Truckin' Good Food chef is ready to open the doors to his new home.

And this past Saturday morning, a few lucky folks got to take a look at the new crepe spot during Crêpe Bar's friends-and-family event.

The new strip-mall space on the northwest corner of Elliot and Rural roads was buzzing on Saturday as people chatted and sipped on tiny cups of coffee while waiting for trays of bite-size versions of Crêpe Bar's offerings to roll out of the kitchen.

Miniature buckwheat blinis filled with candy-like strawberry basil compote and a candied almond mousse were followed by tiny tostadas topped with a tangy white bean puree, picked radish, and a sprig of fennel.

The real treat of the morning was Crêpe Bar's version of a breakfast burrito -- smoked chili crepes filled with bacon, eggs, cheese, and ripe avocado flew off the trays.

Dessert was a two-bite cup of cool yogurt garnished with fresh berries and a crunchy granola of spelt and pistachios, and interesting little squeeze bottles filled with sweet espresso milk.

We haven't seen the full menu of Crêpe Bar's offerings yet, but if the regular versions are anything like the bite-size samples, Tempe is in for a treat. We'll be back for a breakfast burrito, for sure!

Crêpe Bar will be open to the public Saturday, July 7, and will serve a full menu of creative crêpes, sandwiches, desserts, and unique drinks. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

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Shannon Armour
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