A Sweet Ending for the Devoured Culinary Festival

FnB's butterscotch pudding.

​Maybe it was the calming influence of arts maven turned Devour Phoenix spokesperson Kimber Lanning, or some new Zen-like mojo brought on by the event's name change, but today's installment of the Devoured Culinary Classic went on without a hitch. 

No fist fights (don't laugh -- I've actually seen them twice at local culinary events). No elbowing people to get one square inch of table space. And very little overlap in the cuisine, which meant guests didn't have to suffer through twenty versions of ceviche or twelve kinds of hummus.

Admittedly there were a few comical hitches, like the fact Chef Payton Curry's pig on ice was situated next door to the Green vegetarian food booth (PETA would have a cow). But otherwise, today's Devoured was drama-free and packed with phenomenal eats.

Trends and tons of delectable food photos after the jump. 

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Wynter Holden
Contact: Wynter Holden