A Very Chow Bella Thanksgiving: Your Guide to Dining Out, Ordering In, What to Cook, What to Drink -- and More -- on the Year's Biggest Food Day.

It's the countdown to Turkey Day, and if you're anything like us, you've got "to do" lists everywhere -- and not a clue which side dishes you're going to make. With that in mind, we've gathered our best Thanksgiving posts in one handy guide for you.

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Here you'll find out where to make reservations (lucky) and which Thanksgiving parties to hit (luckier). And more -- from a list of our least favorite holiday foods to musings from some of our favorite local writers. Enjoy.

WHERE TO DINE OUT - Chow Bella's Thanksgiving Dining Guide: Where to Dine Out in Metro Phoenix - Chow Bella's Thanksgiving Dining Guide Pt. 2: Where to Reserve a Table in Metro Phoenix

WHAT TO ORDER - 10 Metro Phoenix Desserts to Pre-Order for Thanksgiving - Don't Want To Spend Thanksgiving Day in the Kitchen? Where to Buy Ready-Made Dishes for Turkey Day

WHAT (AND WHERE) TO DRINK - 5 Beer/Food Pairings for Thanksgiving - Creating Fall Cocktails with Belinda Chang and Julie Hillebrand at J&G - Thanksgiving Cocktails, with a Nod to Martha - Turkey/Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Weekend Parties Around Phoenix and Scottsdale

WHAT TO MAKE - Hot Italian Sausage Stuffing with Thyme -- Winner of the Chow Bella Stuffing Showdown - Seeing White - Parsnips Are the Carrot's Lesser-Known Cousin - This Year, Ditch the Thanksgiving Pie and Make Doughnuts Instead! - Turkducken Ridiculous - Five Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

TALES FROM THE TABLE - Sativa Peterson's Les Halles Thanksgiving - Tania Katan's Gasoline-Soaked Thanksgiving and Her Mom's Recipe for Moist Turkey Stuffing - Julie Peterson's Misfit Thanksgiving and Her Recipe for San Antonio Egg Nog

THAT WAS THE GOOD. HERE'S THE BAD AND THE UGLY.... ENJOY. - Thanksgiving Classics We Hate - Killing Halloween Just In Time For Thanksgiving - Tofurky & Gravy Soda Makes for a Bizarre Thanksgiving - 5 Things You Should Never Do to a Thanksgiving Turkey

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