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Aaron Chamberlin Dishes on (Not) Being a Celebrity Chef and the Hype Around St. Francis When It Opened

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He came back home to Phoenix and took a job at La Grande Orange, which, he says, "had a great vibe, music popping and lines out the door." He stayed with LGO Group for six years, learning all he could about casual neighborhood restaurants from Jedi master -- Bob Lynn.He worked at the grocery, the pizzeria, Chelsea's Kitchen and Radio Milano, also opening an LGO restaurant in Pasadena. One day, he woke up and knew it was time to run his own show. Chamberlin opened St. Francis in 2008 and plans to open a new restaurant adjacent to Phoenix Public Market after the first of the year.

Five words to describe St. Francis: Local, seasonal, urban, simple, neighborhood.

Favorite cookbook and why: Ma Gastronomie by Fernand Point. It's a wonderful restaurant guide.

An ingredient you love to cook with and why: All vegetables because they're so versatile.

Most over-rated ingredient: Don't have one. They're all good.

Trend you like: Food as nourishment.

Dish/trend or catch phrase you wish would go away and why: Celebrity chef. Just because you're in print doesn't mean you're a celebrity.

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