Ace it Ain't: Hotel Theodore's Future Still a Mystery

​It's nice to dream.

Yesterday, I speculated on the likelihood that Old Town Scottsdale's Hotel Theodore would soon be transformed into an Ace Hotel, given that Theodore's new owner, The Sydell Group, also owns Ace Hotels in New York and Palm Springs. 

In particular, I mused on what the theoretical Ace could do for the area's dining scene.

But Valentine Freeman, a representative for Ace Hotels, politely spoiled my fun.

"The Theodore will definitely NOT become an Ace, nor is there a possibility that Ace will become involved at any point," wrote Freeman via email. "The project has nothing to do with us whatsoever."

To clarify, capital partner The Sydell Group owns the properties and real estate where Ace Hotel New York and Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs are located, but not the rights to Ace's brand and identity.

Maybe what we really ought to be examining is the restaurant roster of boutique hotelier Joie de Vivre, which will be managing the soon-to-be-rebranded Scottsdale hotel.

Will the renovation bring a breakfast concept, like at Hash in L.A., perhaps Arabic fusion a la Saha Restaurant in San Francisco, or Japanese small plates like at San Francisco's O Izakaya? 

Or will Hotel Theodore's Cielo be transformed into just another play-it-safe hotel lobby bar and grill? The thought of yet another casual American comfort food place with an unoriginal menu of burgers and pizza and the like makes me despair. I'm hoping for the best, but not holding my breath.

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Michele Laudig
Contact: Michele Laudig