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Adam Richman's Man Finds Food Postponed After His Repulsive Instagram Rant

If TV food personalities operated on Highlander rules, Anthony Bourdain would be the only one on air. In another step toward that -- with Gordon Ramsay throwing in the Kitchen Nightmares towel -- Adam Richman's new show, which was slotted to premier today, has been postponed without news of a new release date. The decision came after Richman went on an expletive-fueled rant with some random girl over a #thinspriation hashtag on Instagram.

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Regardless of how you feel about a show that glorifies competitive eating like Richman's Man vs. Food, you've got to admit that killing your career in defense of a hashtag is a pretty bad move. Unfortunately for Richman, it seems he's done just that.

According to the Washington Post, the Travel Channel is not currently acknowledging whether the show is being postponed in response to his Insta-rant, but it is certainly fishy that they would just suddenly decide to put the brakes on one of their biggest money-makers.

You can check out the full Instagram drama, which started after a user rallied others to comment against Richman's use of the #thinspiration hashtag, but some highlights include:

"Seriously - grab a razor blade & draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you."

"Only f***up it seems was your Dad's choice to go without a condom."

"Give me a break. If anyone acts like a c*** I'll call them one. It's not misogyny, it's calling a spade a spade."

Yikes. Not a good look, Richman. What happened to the fun-loving guy noming on sliders at Chompie's?

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