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Ahwatukee Farmers' Market Gets Our Goat

Every since Chef Payton Curry butchered a pig at the Devoured Culinary Classic, conversations have turned to what unusual meats one can expect to find at Caffe Boa and Boa Bistro (just wait until you peep tomorrow's posting on his kid-unfriendly Easter specials). Turns out Boa isn't the only place you can find unusual meat.

I spotted a new vendor at this week's Ahwatukee Farmers Market peddling some unusual flesh: goat meat! Often used in Jamaican curry and other Caribbean dishes, goat isn't exactly commonplace in Valley groceries or on restaurant menus. Even The Breadfruit doesn't have it.

Weird, considering goat is "the most widely consumed meat in the world." At least, according to the NY Times

So, where can you get your goat in Phoenix? If you're in the East Valley, hit up Circle Key Farms at the Ahwatukee Farmers' Market on Sundays for ground goat meat, leg, loin or rack. (I hear the ground version makes a mean taco.) The original Phoenix Ranch Market at 16th St. and Roosevelt sometimes has goat tacos, as does La Barquita at 2334 E. McDowell Rd. in Phoenix.

Goat, er, get this: There's also the relatively new Goat Meat Store at 5704 N 27th Ave. in Phoenix. Yep, an entire store devoted to goat meat. Perhaps the NY Times really did have something...  

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