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Ales on Rails Festival and Chocolate Croissants in Today's Eater's Digest

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Oktoberfest on The Railways
There are two things we can count on once the month of October hits -- cooler temperatures and an abundance of Oktoberfest celebrations. Celebrate the season with a trip to Clarksdale, Arizona for the Verde Canyon Railroad's Oktoberfest celebration -- Ales on the Rails. Every Saturday and Sunday in October join more than 20 microbreweries for beer samples and a buffet of delicious eats such as pretzels, brats, strudel and more on the patio of the history train station. The party doesn't have to stop there -- board the train and enjoy beers with friends as the train takes you through the scenic Verde Canyon to Perkinsville and back. Train prices vary. Tickets for the tasting are $10 per person which includes a commemorative pint glass. Click here for details and reservations.

Buttery AND Chocolatey
A recent Daring Bakers Challenge brought the croissants out in droves. It's one baked good we have stayed far, far away from due to the difficultly of laminated dough. But after we took a look at this step-by-step blog post from Tracey's Culinary Adventures, we're ready to give it a shot. Check out her recipe for these heavenly Chocolate Croissants here.

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