Eating the World

All Pierogi Kitchen in Mesa Offers Eastern European Comfort Food

You know you probably have entered a good place for authentic Eastern European fare when the cashier greets you with words steeped in a heavy Ukranian accent. You're further reassured when a peek into the partially exposed kitchen shows three unmistakably European women, one of whom belongs in an idyllic pierogi advertisement, with her white hair in a soft bun and her wrinkled hands expertly kneading dough.

Just as its name implies, All Pierogi Kitchen does pierogi -- a traditional Eastern European dish of dumplings stuffed with a variety of fillings, from mashed potato to sauerkraut to meat -- and it does it extremely well. Pierogi are to Eastern Europeans what ravioli are to Italians or pot stickers are to the Chinese. Though a single dumpling is called a pierog, it is universally accepted that the plural term pierogi be used, because no one ever walks away satisfied with eating only one.

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Kristy Westgard
Contact: Kristy Westgard