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Almond Fritters with Azuki Bean Syrup at Nobuo Teeter House

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These desserts will knock your socks off, and you will love every second of it. Promise. The Almond Fritters with Azuki Bean Syrup and Chocolate Tofu Mousse with Green Tea Ice Cream both display the clean flavors and attention to detail that Nubuo Teeter House's savory dishes have garnered acclaim for. Perhaps the desserts' most impressive quality is the way that American comfort foods and Asian flavors are seamlessly integrated.

The Almond Fritters bring to mind fresh donuts, and the Azuki Bean Syrup adds a savory-sweet flavor, complementing the fritters in a way similar to real maple syrup; it hits that sweet spot where sugary goodness and rich, savory flavors intersect. While the Asian penchant for using beans in dessert can be off-putting to a lot of Western palates, this dessert is an excellent introduction to how great the combination can be. The fried fritters themselves, which are made with ground almonds and orange blossoms, have a light, soft texture that will keep diners in a culinary comfort zone, and the azuki bean sauce and jasmine tea ice cream add an Asian twist. Warning: This is a truly addictive dessert.

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Dominique Chatterjee