Amy Martin's Perfect Food Day

Amy Martin edits the local food blog Phoenix Bites. She has food on the brain at all times and considers eating and finding favorite dishes in Phoenix her favorite sport. She loves a tidy pantry for easy cooking, her cookbooks, and pulling out her invisible microphone to rock out to her favorite 80's tunes.

This is her perfect food day.

Breakfast: I'm not much of a breakfast person, but I do make a good Bourbon French Toast! Most days, I opt for a smoothie and in that case, I'd head to Café Zuzu for the ZuZu Smoothie or Pomegranate Café as they are always blending up healthy (and delicious) smoothies. Though in a perfect world, if it were possible, I'd have FnB's leeks for breakfast.

Lunch: This may sound strange coming from an ultra girly-girl, but Cowboy Ciao's Testosterone Salad has stolen my heart. It's topped with potato chips - need I say more?

Dinner: Hands down, I'd be at Mbar at Prado ordering one of everything off of Chef DeRuvo's phenomenal tapas menu. Perhaps even multiples of the Balsamic Rosemary Baby Back Ribs and Medjool Dates wrapped with Serrano Ham, stuffed with blue cheese - I have dreams about those!

Between meal snacks: Sea Salt & Rosemary Kale Chips! I make batches of these every week - they are highly addictive and good for you! For a cool treat, I'd pick up Sweet Republic's Basil Lime Sorbet.

Dessert: I'm currently crushing on CoalBurger's Hazelnut-Milk Chocolate Gelato Shake - it's almost life-changing. I once had churros with such a decadent chocolate sauce at Prado that swept me off my feet -those would be another must-have for me.

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