Ana Borrajo of Sapna Cafe, Part Two

Yesterday we spoke with Ana about the challenges of navigating a restaurant through a tight economy. Today we'll pick up the conversation and get to know a little bit more about Ana and what she does when she's not in the kitchen at Sapna.

What is your favorite food? I eat really basic foods. I really like salads. I like healthy food. Sometimes I add grilled chicken breast. My favorite vegetables are eggplant and tomatoes, I love to cook with those, especially now that they are in season.

Did your family contribute to your love of cooking? I cooked a lot at home when I was young. I learned to cook from my aunts who were really really good cooks.Then all the years I was traveling, I would visit markets and experiment with different spices and different foods.

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Do you have any traveling planned for the near future? (laughs) Well, the restaurant closes on Sundays at 3 and is closed Mondays so I try to go to Mexico all the time, but I spend most of the time driving. Sometimes I just go to the border and find somewhere to stay and then I'll come back. I really like Baja California.

If you had more than a day and a half for a vacation where would you go? I would really like to go to Central and South America since I am so close.

Is there any type of food you would want to learn more about in Central and South America? I would like to learn more about Chilean food. It's become really trendy and there are a lot of Chilean restaurants in Europe now. There are a lot of great seafood recipes that are based on traditional Chilean food but done in a more modern style that I like.

What do you do around town when your not at the restaurant? I love hiking. I wake up early in the morning and go hiking before coming in to the restaurant. It charges my battery for the rest of the day.

Do you have any advice for people cooking at home? Definitely try and get what is in season, it tastes better. Also, try to buy local. Do you ever miss any smells from your childhood? Yes. Today I was missing something. I'm from Granada in the South of Spain and my family has a house on the coast and I love grilled sardines on the beach. That is my favorite thing that I miss. I miss lots of smells, but grilled sardines are the thing I miss the most.

Check back in tomorrow for a perfect summertime recipe from Ana.

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