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And the Lay's Do Us a Flavor Winner Is . . .

Remember when we taste-tested the Lay's Do Us a Flavor potato chips? Well, our vote went out for the Chicken and Waffles variety -- and not just because the mastermind behind the flavor, Christina Abu-Judom, hails from Phoenix.

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But the votes are in and it looks like America doesn't side with us. Congrats, you cheese-garlic fiends, , the chips are here to stay.

The winning flavor was created by Karen Weber-Mendham from Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin. In addition to forever being known as "the lady who came up with cheesey garlic bread chips," she also gets $1 million (or 1 percent of Cheesy Garlic Bread's 2013 net sales, whichever is higher). Each of the two runners-up will receive $50,000.

Our taste-tasting favored combining chicken and waffles and sriracha chips, but we'll have to hoard our stockpiles since neither flavor will be around now that the contest is over.

The Phoenix-woman who submitted the chicken and waffle flavor says she came up with the idea because it's one of her family's favorite meals. It's too bad she didn't win because she also said she would have donated a portion of her million-dollar winnings to Valley charities.

If you're like us, then all this chicken and waffle talk is making you crave some salty sweetness. Here are a couple of suggestions from our chicken and waffle battle between Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles and Louisiana Fried Chicken.

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