And the Most Ridiculous New Product of the Day Is...

Just when you thought corporate marketing goons, er, "geniuses" couldn't stoop any lower, this little gem shows up in local Fry's grocery stores:

Yeah, we know. Creepy.

Yay! You can even make conjoined twins.

​Now, it wouldn't be fair of us to mercilessly mock this healthy *cough* vitamin-packed product without a taste test, so the Chow Bella staff sucked it up and tried a few at our last meeting. They were actually pretty tasty, with a tangy fruit flavor that resembled Kool-Aid. Plus, they were fun to play with.


Not the most innovative product ever, but the couple of bucks you'll pay for these little guys sure beats the $40 or more you'll pay to stuff a bear's ass and dress it up like Carmen Miranda, an Anime character or a geriatric golfer.

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