Chow Bella

AndyTalk: Get a Load of These Melons

A week ago, I tasted my first sweet watermelon of the season. Every year I tell myself that I'll use more watermelon as an ingredient, but I fall short. I have a curried watermelon recipe that I teach on occasion -- it's my dumbed-down version of a recipe I learned from an old friend. Most people react with a raised an eyebrow and a few skeptical remarks about curry and melon. If they lived in India, it would be an everyday combo.

Adding fruit to a meal is high on the average dietician's list of how-to-eat-better suggestions, and non-dessert melon recipes are a great way to perk up a meal. The nice thing about something huge like a watermelon is that you only need a small quantity of easy-to-get condiments to turn it into a tasty salad. I don't have a good reason not to use watermelon more often, so this is the year I'm actually making good on the promise to myself. In fact, I'm on a melon binge.

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Andy Broder