Announcing our Caramelpalooza Haiku Winner, and Another Chance to Win a Front-of-the-Line Ticket!

You are poets and you know it.

Between the entries in our comments section and those emailed directly to me, we had dozens of examples of caramel-coated haiku in our first 2012 Caramelpalooza contest.

Caramelpalooza will be held Friday, March 2 at 7 pm at Smeeks candy store in central Phoenix. Admission is free, but the lines will be long, so the prize of a front-of-the-line golden ticket was clearly an allure.

So we're giving out two this time (see the lucky winners after the jump) and we've got the news about our next contest.

Congrats to our two winners:

Teresa B.:

Oooey, Gooey, Stuck --
Sinuously wraps molars.
Mmrff urgs smisfr brgs.

And Petri Darby:

I say Caramel
You say "car-mul"- what the hell?
Mine sounds tastier

We'll email the winners asap with directions about how to redeem your golden ticket.

Okay, ready for the next sticky challenge?

The rules are the same -- write a poem, leave it in the comments section, include your email address (or email it to me at amy.silverman@newtimes.com).

BUT this poem must be a limerick. A little trickier than haiku, but we have every confidence in you after reading your last efforts. Here are some super simple instructions (yes, they are for kids) on writing a limerick. One 5-line stanza is just fine; or go on if you wish.

Oh, one more thing: The poem needs to mention caramel, but it also must mention at least one other kind of candy.

Good luck! Deadline is Friday, February 24 at 5 pm.

Get all the details about Caramelpalooza here.

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