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Anthony Bourdain Has Some Corrections For The Reissue of Kitchen Confidential

Ahead of the reissue of Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, publisher Ecco has released a series of videos of Bourdain describing what a difference a decade makes.

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At the top of the cutting block? His crack against eating fish on Monday because it's probably leftover from Friday. Now he says that, "People actually give a shit."

Back in 2000 Bourdain released "Kitchen Confidential" like a bombshell onto an unsuspecting but willing public. The fallout from that book is that people gazed into the electric but unhealthy lives of professional chefs and, creepily, decided they liked what they saw. Bourdain's rise to popularity has coincided neatly with the rise of food in the public consciousness and it's perhaps not surprising that he has some regrets now that he's regarded as "personality" himself.

Hilariously, Bourdain seems to be both shocked and horrified that people read his book as a validation of, "The worst instincts and most destructive behaviors."

Perhaps the definitive proof the Bourdain has attained the celebrity he so openly despises? The reissue of Kitchen Confidential will contain a handwritten introduction and annotated notes penned by the man himself. We're not sure if that's more of a commentary on Bourdain or the audience which follows him.

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