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Aphrodisiacs 101: Food & Drink to Light Your Valentine's Day Fire

With all the bogus adds for "sexual stimulants" and "potency enhancers" that pop up on the Internet, it's hard to believe anyone's claim that something you ingest can boost your libido or improve your romantic encounters.

The verdict is still out on whether aphrodisiacs work, but some people swear by them. The new Happy High Herbs shop on Mill Avenue in Tempe has quite a few "satisfied" customers, so I popped by to check out their aphrodisiac teas. 

This is the first American store for the Australian chain, which carries teas, elixirs and smoking herbs. They have an entire wall of dried herbs and powders to help make your Valentine's Day special. 

  • Damiana came highly recommended by the staff. It's said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating the senses and relaxing the body. Happy High Herbs carries it in loose tea form, as well as in liquid drops and citrus-flavored lozenges.
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Wynter Holden
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