Apple Fritters, Pear Shortbread and Three Other Metro Phoenix Fall Treats That Involve Absolutely No Pumpkin

Looking for fall treats not covered in orange frosting? We've got five treats in metro Phoenix that will make you the office hero.

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Urban Cookies' Roasted Pear Shortbread - This little gem is just one of many seasonal treats at Urban Cookies (German chocolate cupcakes are also available) and it is simple, elegant and delicious. Light, buttery and moist, Urban Cookies' pear creation doesn't disappoint. Pears are a pretty glorious fall fruit and you won't want to miss this sign of the season.

Bosa Donuts' Apple Fritter - Everyone should have a guilty pleasure and if you don't have one yet, Bosa Donuts is a good place to start. We should warn you, apple fritters are not the prettiest of donuts, but they complement coffee perfectly. Most Bosa Donuts locations have a drive-thru, which means a fall feast of coffee and donuts is just within an arm's reach.

Augustina's Brandied Cinnamon Bread Pudding - Available at local AJ's Fine Food stores and Cracker's & Co this sweet treat is truly sinful and yet not too heavy. A gourmet dish, regardless of whether you eat it out of the plastic container from AJ's or served up at Crackers, bread pudding can be eaten cold or hot, which is perfect for Arizona. Not that we're judging. We'd never do that. But um, you might want to buy more than one.

Old Timer from La Grande Orange Bake Shop - This treat takes you right back to grade school, except this time it's better. In fact, just pour yourself a glass of milk. We guarantee that if you bring a dozen of these with you to your workplace or gathering you will be revered. No comparison to the Hostess "original" should even be attempted. The Old Timer is way, way better. We suggest hiding one for yourself.

Hannah's Caramel Apples- Stick with a classic and you can never go wrong. Caramel apples from Hannah's look good and taste good too. Housed in the same store as Tempe's Cookies in Bloom, Hannah's Caramel Apples will also deliver. We do suggest cutting these bad boys open as eating them as you did as a child might be a little embarrassing. (And result in a trip to the dentist.) Also, if you'd like a particular flavor of Hannah's or plan to order a dozen or so, it is best to call ahead since the storefront is relatively small.

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