Armageddon Alert: Citizen Public House to Host The Last Supper on Friday

According to the Family Radio billboards scattered around town, "the Bible guarantees" that this Saturday, May 21 will herald the return of the Savior and spark a chain of events that ends with our total annihilation in October.


In preparation for Judgment Day, Citizen Public House in Scottsdale is hosting The Last Supper, a night of gluttony and indulgence featuring The Aguacalypse (braised short rib chilaquiles with fig mole sauce), Holy Hand Grenades of Calabacita and $8 Armageddon dogs.

If we're destined to die in October anyway, why bother choking down a healthy effing salad?

Better to go down in flames with a few Berkshire wieners and some Tender Belly bacon infused burgers. Oh, and did we mention the Reese's Peaces Be With You vanilla vodka cocktail with chocolate-peanut butter syrup, and the $10 Water Into Wine Sangria special, described by CPH as "Jerusel-YUM"? Yeah, those are just a few of the tidbits on tap at Chef Bernie Kantak's place.

The Last Supper takes place this Friday, May 20, from 10 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. on Judgment Day. Halos and/or horns are optional, but welcome.

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