Arroyo Vodka: It's Local!

From Queen Creek Olive Mill extra virgin olive oil to Maya's salad greens to Meat Shop meats, there's a lot of good stuff to discover if you want to eat local foods. Even if you want to drink like a locavore, homegrown beers are easy to find, and Arizona wines are growing in popularity, both in retail shops and in restaurants.

But when it comes to hard liquor from our great state, it's slim pickings.

Which is why, relatively speaking, it's a pretty huge deal that new Arroyo Vodka is on the market. Made locally by distiller John Miller, the label is owned by sisters Lauren and Morgan Klemp, (whose father is AZ Wine Co. president Ray Klemp).

I'm excited to try it. Right now, the only place to buy it retail ($19.49 a bottle) is at AZ Wine Co., but it's quickly getting snatched up by resorts like the Boulders and the Phoenician, as well as restaurants such as Binkley's, Rancho Pinot, Ruth's Chris, and Morton's Steakhouse.

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