Art Burn: "Clothing" Swap and Comfort Food at That's a Wrap

Apparently, Green and its Big Sis share "clothing," too. Though we planned to visit That's a Wrap in May to peep their art selection, when we arrived, lo and behold there was ASU student Catie Raya's folded paper art, which we saw at Green back in late March. Damn. That meant a return trip, and luckily when we went back last week, Raya's colorful portraits had been replaced by a series of scenic photos by the enigmatically-named Sparbanie. Who IS this mystery man/woman/collective?  

Chandler-based photographer Sparbanie (he uses the one-word moniker like Prince or Madonna, though we're guessing it's his last name) published a book of landscape and natural still life photos taken during trips from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, prints of which are on display at That's a Wrap.

See, Arizona does have history! In Ghost Town, Sparbarie gives us a stark, modern take on a clearly historical site -- in the same way that today's interior designers combine the "character" of an older home with crisp, modern lines to appeal to today's client.

Oh. Goody. More desertscapes. Granted, Sparbanie used digital manipulation to give us different views of our barren backyard. But the high contrast, pink-tinted one looks more like an alien planet than our own surroundings, and the sepia-toned one reads like a stock postcard from Rawhide. Not our favorites of the lot.   

Sparbanie's more natural photographs, like the above From Take-off to Landing/I realize She's a Big Sky and Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing were more appealing. Though he may employ digital manipulation in these images, the changes are subtle enough as to not alert the eye. The colors are bright and clean, the scenes so alluring that you want to walk right into that creekbed or float in his sea of clouds.  

While our heads were getting lost in Sparbanie's clouds, our bodies were enjoying a Very Brady Clubster (yes, all of the sammies have some cute pup culture-y name!). Made with grilled deli meats, greens, bacon bits and warm cornbread stuffing, it's the kind of lunch you just want to tuck into and go to sleep afterward. Like Thanksgiving, in a tortilla.

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Wynter Holden
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