Art Detour Dining Guide Part 2: Roosevelt Row and Central

This Saturday and Sunday is Art Detour 22, the annual do-it-yourself gallery and studio tour of downtown Phoenix. Our "Arty Girl" Lilia Menconi has been diligently previewing some of the most interesting Art Detour shows this week -- but what about the eats? Yesterday we brought you food on Grand Ave. Today, we're dishing out tasty suggestions for dining on or around Roosevelt Row and the First Friday Orange Line that runs down Central. 

Get Your Trucks in a Row

Roosevelt Row is closed off on First Fridays between Central Ave. and 7th St. for the Phoenix Phoestival, a monthly street fair with art, clothing, jewelry and other merchants. Along this strip, you'll also find sno cone vendors, flavored popcorn, The Tamale Store and other catering booths, plus food trucks like Sweet Republic's signature orange vintage 1959 Chevy. Check out our blog on What's Cooking at First Fridays for more info.   

Sweet Republic and several other food vendors will return during Art Detour for the m7 Street Fair, 11am-5pm on Saturday on 7th Ave between Indian School Rd. & Camelback.

The Row Continues, Saturday and Sunday

It's easy to find food on or near Roosevelt Row. The bad news is that a lot of nearby restaurants are tiny, and packed on First Fridays, so you might have to wait for a table. Tip: If you're headed down for Art Detour on Saturday or Sunday, choose an off-time such as 2 or 3 p.m. for your best chance to get right in.

Matt Carter's Nine 05 at 905 4th St. offers upscale Asian cuisine from dumplings to duck crepes to shrimp fried rice, just 1 block from the bustle of Roosevelt, where you'll find the $99 Art Show at 515 Arts and painter Brian Boner at monOrchid. 

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