Ask the Chef: How Do I Poach An Egg?

I like to make Eggs Benedict, but my eggs are either under or over done, any tips for making poached eggs?

The simplest cooking techniques, like egg poaching, are often the ones that appear to be the most challenging. Here are the steps and a few tips to add to patience and practice to achieve the perfect poached eggs every time.

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In a small bowl,

Tip: Using a ramekin assures no pieces of shell or broken yolks in the water


The egg will drop to the bottom of the pan

Tip: This gentle push will also help the egg white form around the yolk

Tip: The egg is almost done when the white turns from translucent to opaque and the

Tip: This "shocks" the egg, it will stop the egg from continuing to cook.

Note: Ragged edges and stray strands of white are O.K.
Tip: Professionals trim away the ragged edges with a knife or scissors

Tip: Poached eggs can be stored in a clean bowl of cold water in the refrigerator and held for one day.
When ready to serve, re-warm in a prepared pan of gently simmering (not boiling) water.

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Carol Blonder