Ask the Critic: Have You Ever Changed Your Mind About a Place?

Recently, someone asked me if I'd ever changed my mind about any restaurants after I'd reviewed them.

Yes, that has definitely happened, although after I write a negative review, I'm not jumping in my car to head back to said eatery. If a place is going to change -- whether voluntarily or just by simple evolution -- it's probably not going to happen overnight. 

One good example of a spot that I wasn't fond of at first is

The Vig


When the restaurant first opened, it struck me as middle of the road -- more about the scene than the food. After my review came out, the only times I found myself back there were for cocktails.

But The Vig made big improvements -- to the point that I decided to re-review the restaurant this year. It was the first time I've ever done such a thing, but worthwhile, I think.

Just last week, chef Lenard Rubin gave us his carne asada recipe, and it's so tasty that I'd rather just go in and have him make it for me than try to make it myself.

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