Ask the Critic: Have You Ever Sent a Dish Back?

A colleague wanted to know if something's ever landed on the table that I promptly returned to the kitchen, and the answer is definitely.

I'm a pretty agreeable customer, I think. If the wrong dish shows up and it looks edible, I might say what the heck and try it. But everybody has to draw a line in the sand, and for me, it's the gross-out factor.

Worst offender in memory was at a place I reviewed a couple years ago.

Somehow, the kitchen at Cien Agaves sent out a chicken dish that was completely raw in the middle. Thankfully, I noticed before taking a bite of it. Oh god, the thought of food poisoning is scary . . .

I've also had terrible luck with French toast. Off the top of my head, I've sent back undercooked French toast at now-defunct Palatte, as well as Fez. I would've sent back my French toast at RnR recently, but couldn't even flag down the server. Palatte's sweet potato pancakes were usually undercooked half the time, too.

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