Ask the Critic: Where Can I Eat After the Protest on Saturday?

Here's a timely question that just came in from someone who wants to know where to grab a bite of Mexican food while they're in downtown Phoenix for the five-mile-long protest march from 7th Street and Indian School to the State Capitol on Saturday.

Turns out, CenPho is chock full of Mexican restaurants, so there's no shortage of options. This is just a sampling of some good bets in the area.

Comedor Guadalajara -- Located just south of downtown, on Central Avenue, this is the place to go with big groups of hungry friends and family. The dining rooms are enormous, and so is the menu, which features carne asada, mariscos, and more.

Carolina's - Here's a Phoenix fave for quick, cheap, and really good Mexican eats. Freshly made tortillas stuffed with chorizo, macaca, or other goodies will fill you up and have you craving more.

Mariscos Playa Hermosa - For huge, cold seafood cocktails, ceviche, fried shrimp, and lavish platters of fish done up in a variety of ways, this spot never fails. The colorful decor is as friendly as the people working here.

Verde Restaurant (825 N. 1st St.) - Downtown's newest Mexican eatery is fast-casual, with counter service and a spare menu. The highlight is fresh-off-the-grilled tortillas -- a big picture window in front lets you watch the ladies make 'em by hand.

La Tolteca - Let your sweet tooth lead you to La Tolteca, a bustling market and eatery where there's a long bakery counter full of pastries, cookies, and cakes to go along with a full menu of tacos, giant burritos, and other standards.

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Michele Laudig
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