At Brat Haüs, beer may be king, but there are enough good dishes here to keep the taps in good company.
At Brat Haüs, beer may be king, but there are enough good dishes here to keep the taps in good company.
Jackie Mercandetti

At Scottsdale's Brat Haüs, the Food Complements the Beer, Not the Other Way Around

Brat Haüs is the Scottsdale version of a beer hall: clean, comfortable, and with an outdoor area peppered with picnic tables, potted plants, and strings of bistro lights that usually fills up before the two, tiny indoor spaces do.

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Here, nearly 30 beers on tap and almost 40 in bottles and cans aim to satisfy the city's legion of craft beer lovers. And with the suds come the grub -- courtesy of Brat Haüs partner and chef Payton Curry (Digestif, Caffe Boa).

Curry's locally focused menu of homemade sausages, German specialties, and house-pickled fare pairs well with the sour, fruity, hoppy, and rich flavors of its brewed brethren. But for all of Curry's efforts -- some stellar and others less so -- the food complements the beer, and not the other way around.

Which isn't to say there aren't good dishes to be had.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"If you really want a sausage, go all out and order up some first-rate currywurst. An interpretation of Germany's traditional proletarian snack of sliced pork sausage doused in a curry-tomato sauce, chef Curry's is a full-size meal. Featuring two juicy, jumbo-size pork sausages coated in his signature curry ketchup atop crispy, sliced heirloom spuds, this piled-high plate of potatoes and meat nearly begs to be washed down with an equally hearty German ale."

Hungry for more? Read my full review of Brat Haüs in Scottsdale.

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